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Newest 3ml disposable vape pen released

Newest 3ml disposable vape pen released

We are excited to announce that Fidnor has a newest 3ml disposable vape pen been released this week.

And we are ready to send our 3ml disposable vape pen samples to all companies who need samples for testing,send us an email or messages to get your samples ASAP before this batch samples gone.

This disposable vape pen named TOK,comes with a big capacity 3ML,and a 400mah big capacity rechargeable battery,never worried your battery life when you hang out with it a whole day.

TOK has a palm size tiny body,easy to carry everywhere.

TOK was designed with preheating function and variable voltage setting(green-2.80V,Blue-3.20V,Red-3.60V),three time pressing button to choice the best temperature to get a delight vapor.

This 3ml disposable vape pen is specially designed for most popular oils like D8 D10 THCO HHC,cloudy vapor,smooth airflow,mini size,variable voltages,TOK has everything you need for a disposable vape pen,do not hesitate to let us know you need samples,no trick no charger,all you need to do is tell us you need TOK for your brand.

More product info,please reach out: http://www.fidnortech.com

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