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Why Choose Fidnor INNO Palm Box Disposbale Pod

Why Choose Fidnor INNO Palm Box Disposbale Pod

New to Fidnor lineup comes with Fidnor INNO palm box disposable.

Introducing the easy filling,easy capping Fidnor INNO palm box disposable!The latest non-leaking filling design to our disposable line-up.

You will be filling the Fidnor INNO super easy &capping it as long time as your need,and it will never leak during this period!

Available in three capacity 1ML,2ML and 3ML.

INNO  has three different temps setting:

Green(low)   —taste terpings

Blue (middle) —smooth vape

Red(high)     —big hits seeking

Find your best temp by clicking button three times rapidly .

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