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Why does my disposable vaporizers clog and how to avoid it

Why does my disposable vaporizers clog and how to avoid it

All in one disposable vaporizers become popular for canabis vaping,at the same time people found out some disposables just clogged and have no any airflow to vape.That is what we are going to talk about today : why my disposable vaporizer clog? How to avoid clogging?

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Why your disposable vaporizer clog&how to avoid:


  1. 1.A wrong product for oil

A lot companies just want to design a very slim disposable vape ,the design forces them to use a very small ceramic heating element.It may work good with thin oils,but not good for thick&sticky oils.For thick&sticky oils,smaller ceramic coil,easier clogging private opinions.(Choice a good product that designed with at least 4.30mm size heating element,and 2mm at least of the mouthpiece air hole size)


  1. 2.A wrong using habit

When you just finished a puff of your disposable,there still has extra vapor inside the airway of the atomizer.At the same time you just set your vaporizer lie down on desk,the vapor turn to oil again after sometime and building up along the inner tube what cause clogging.(Always keep your disposable vaporizer vertical after use,it helps to avoid clogging )


3.Too hot or too cold temperature

Thick Oil become thin and liquild at high temperature.When you put your disposable vaporizer  in a hot car long time,don’t be surprised if it is clogging even leaking.

On the opposite when it is in very cold temperature,the oil just get too thick to vape,you could end of no vapor or burning taste.(Always keep your vaporizer at room temperature,do not set your vaporizer in a high temperature or cold temperature place,like a hot car or a fridge)


4.Too hard vaping

If you vape a disposable vaporizer too hard,that could cause the oil did not fully atomize,and you just draw some oil directly from the ceramic heating element,the oil will build up along the coil and inner tube even come out directly from mouthpiece.(Always vape softly,it help to avoid clogging and make your disposable vaporizer much longer last also)


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