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Fidnor 2018 Annual Meeting

Fidnor 2018 Annual Meeting

On 4th Jan,2018.As one of the founding companies of Shenzhen Baoan District E-commerce Association,Fidnor‘s representatives attened the grand Annual Meeting with all other brothers companies. for this over 1000 people party by different area manufacturers,we’re proud to be approved by goverment for past year work.

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For new year,we are determined to go on keeping good long time cooperations with our brother companies who offer us materials,financial service,shipping,etc.and continue to maintain the good relationships with export related government departments.

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To all of our customers  from world around countries,Thanks for past years choose us,support us to be a better and better company.

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In  CBD,THC hardwares’ area,we’ll keep our way to proceed make good quality models.Wish all of us can have a wonderful 2018,Cheers!

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