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High-end Zirconia All Ceramic Cart
Engineered For Live Rosin/Resin
Easy Press-on Capping.No Clogging
Lead Free.Glue Free

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zirconia cartridge




















zirconia cartridge

zirconia cartridge

We believe that people is curious about the difference between ZIRCONIA ceramic (material we used for ACCE cartridges) and ALUMINA ceramic (materials of most full ceramic cartridges on market):


  • ZIRCONIA ceramic is 3-4times the strength than ALUMINA ceramic ,ZIRCONIA is not easy breaking
  • ZIRCONIA ceramic has a much more glossy surface than ALUMINA ceramic to highlight your oil
  • When you vape a ALUMINA ceramic cartridge,you are risking of inhaling ceramic powder,the ceramic powder will stay in lungs.


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