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.The best disposable vapes 1ml for live resin/rosin you can find


.Available with 1.0ml /2.0ml


.Intake size:4*1.20 / 1.60 / 2.0mm


.Rechargeable 280mah battery

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.Design for different thickness live rosin/distillate/high terp,DRP works with thick oil without any clogging problem

DRP disposable vapes 1ml is a cloud beast and was build with big size ceramic heating element inside to aviod clogging problem.Bigger ceramic coil makes it work great with different thickness oil from thin to super thick.Most disposable vapes did not work good with thick oil,they clogging or just burning taste in market,so do not hesitate to ask for our DRP for testing,this could be one of the best live rosin disposable vaporizers you can find.


.Special One-Air technology 

A lot people were very confused when they bought 2pcs disposable vapes,and find out these 2pcs have a different airflow and vapor,this is really a bad experience.There comes One-Air technology,DRP was designed with this newest One-Air tech:every single DRP disposable vaporizer you get will have a almost same aireflow,same vapor to insure perfect vape experience.


.DRP disposable comes with rechargeable battery 

The worst thing is that there still has oil in your disposable vapes but your battery already die and without rechargeable function.DRP was designed with a 280mah rechargeable battery,you can use all the 1ml oil up within one time rechargeable.DRP refuse to waste your oil.


.Big filling holes and easy capping

DRP comes with big filling holes to insure very easy filling.Press-on capping design makes you easily capping it by hand or a small press machine.DRP makes the process easier and faster.More products,please reach out:http://www.fidnortech.com


Used For Live rosin/High Terp/Sause
Intake Hole Size 4*1.20/1.60/2.0mm/Custom
Battery Capacity 280mah rechargeable
Atomizer capacity 1ml/2ml
How to cap Press-on capping by hand or machine
How to vape Buttonless and inhale directly

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