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.Works good with delta 8,cbd,HHC,THC-O oils

.Two flavors in one disposable

.Press-on mouthpiece

.Come with 1ML+1ML capacity

.Rechargeable battery 280mah

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Reasons for double flavor pen

Bigger capacity tank

As canabis oil vape became more and more popular,1ml capacity is not enough for most people,customers were asking for bigger capacity for all in one disposable cbd pen.Doub disposable comes with 1ML+1ML big capacity,it is time to double the capacity and double the flavors!


Long last battery

Doub was designed with A quality 280mah battery core,and it has rechargeable function to insure the last drop of oil.


Double flavor design

Most disposable vape pen only has one chamber,Doub is so different that you can enjoy two your fav flavors in one disposable!


Designed for most popular oils

Doub disposable cbd pen works great with delta 8,HHC,THC-O and CBD oils.Available intake hole size works with different thickness oil from super thin to extremely thick.



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