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.Full ceramic disposable

.Worked perfectly with live rosin/resin delta 8,CBD,HHC,THC-O oils

.Intake hole size:4* 1.60 mm

.Rechargeable battery

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.All ceramic materials

ACCT-PRO full ceramic disposable is designed using all ceramic materials,no more oils touch with metal, just pure and perfect vape experience

.Rechargeable and stable output battery 

ACCT-PRO comes with a rechargeable 220mah A quality battery core,never worry about your oil will be wasted.And a stable output of battery make sure your every puff is a good experience.

full ceramic disposable

Atomizer capacity 1ml
Battery capacity 220mah rechargeable
Intake hole size 4*1.60mm
Used for Live rosin/resin delta8 delta 9
How to cap Press-on by hand or press machine
How to vape Inhale to vape

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Product Name:ACCT-PRO

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